Morsbags At Craft4Crafters

The morsbagger volunteers: Adele (Lincolnpod), Bev (Lincolnpod), Joni (Walker6), Jules (Mini the Minx), Kat (Selby baggers), Nick (Kat's son/Sunday's 'token bloke'), Rosie (Offcuts), Sarah (SazzieJ/Saz Bags), Vicki (Heffalump/Lincolnpod).

The place: Newark Showground.

The event: Craft4Crafters 2008.

The bags: 208!!

An afternoon to set up, an hour to take it all down at the end and three days of frantic bagging in between! We had eight sewing machines on the go for most of the weekend and all kinds of stitchers including a three-and-a-half year old! Though we had plenty of newcomers to sewing by machine, everyone who sat down to make a bag succeeded.

We had lots of fun and the feedback was great – Lincolnpod has certainly gained some interest and a couple of extra sewing machines thanks to a lovely lady who can’t bear to throw them away.

So… THANK YOU; to Craft4Crafters for having us and giving us such a good spot and for all the encouraging announcements; to everyone who came to make a bag (or more – several people came back for seconds!); and to everyone who donated time, fabric, sewing machines and all kinds of other things (tea!).

Please feel free to download any of the following photographs that were taken during the weekend. If you would like any at high-resolution for printing, please get in contact.

Craft4Crafters Morsbag Photos

Thursday 4th September: Setup Day


Friday 5th September: Day One


Saturday 6th September: Day Two


Sunday 7th September: Last Day & Pack-Down!