Lincoln Morsbags Pod

Guerilla Bagging Lincoln Giveaway

Our first Morsbag giveaway, Saturday 4th October in the centre of Lincoln just outside the market -and it was cold!

We gave away just over 200 bags. We got mostly positive responses, only a few grumpy/hostile reactions and a few "odd" looks.

Some of the bags were given away by the ladies on the market fruit and veg stall who were very enthusiastic about the bags.

Now all we need to do is make another couple of hundred Morsbags and do it again...

Sociable Guerilla Bagging :o)

Morsbags is a wonderful network of people who make shopping bags out of recycled materials and then give them away for free to encourage people to stop accepting plastic carrier bags. I started up a local pod of morsbaggers at the beginning of 2008 which has been acquiring new members on a regular basis with volunteers to do everything from donate fabric and stitching the bags to handing bags out to shoppers in the street.

Last stand standing! The Lincoln Pod Morsbag stand proved very popular at the Lincoln Uni SU volunteer services exhibition.

Lots of Photos to go here...

"letís do something positive to reduce the hideous number of plastic bags being used - 1 million are consumed per minute globally - of which hundreds of thousands end up in the oceans. the idea is to get together with people in your local community, drink wine and make reusable cloth bags (from old duvet covers, curtains from charity shops etc) and hand them out to the unsuspecting public for free on specified dates outside different supermarkets. meet new people, do something marvellous for the planet and beat other pods (groups) of baggers with your morsbag tally. go to to be a part of a wonderful thing!"

Lincoln Pod meets at ImpArt, St Botolph's Hall, behind Musson's, the tailors.

If you live in or around Lincoln and would like to get involved, please email me ( to be added to the mailing list. We get together on a Thursday evening between 6pm and 9pm once a fortnight at the IMPart hall in the High Street.

"morsbags on bbc breakfast"

A Morsbag can be made in as little as twenty minutes, and doesn't require any advanced sewing skills or special equipment...